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RBD domain (COVID-19 Spike protein)

The RBD domain of SARS-COVID-19 virus is an important region on its surface spike protein. This and several domains are used for manufacturing COVID diagnostics and protein based vaccines. Bioboost successfully created this peptide molecule, which can be used for developing animal or human vaccines.



RBD Domain

A receptor-binding domain (RBD) is a short immunogenic fragment from a virus that binds to a specific endogenous receptor sequence to gain entry into host cells. Specifically, these refer to a part of the ‘spike’ glycoprotein (S-domain) which is needed to interact with endogenous receptors to facilitate membrane fusion and delivery to the cytoplasm.



RBD domain can also be used as a component of a fast anti-SARR-CoV-2 antibodies diagnostic kits. A simple and quick method for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies using purified recombinant RBD fragments.




It has recently been shown that RBD protein (a part of S1 subunit) produced in Pichia pastoris is able to stimulate immune response and showed high immunogenicity (in mice), which makes it a promising candidate for it’s application as an antigen in vaccines and as a possible therapeutic agent against COVID-19 variants.

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