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Title: CSO (Chief Science Officer)

Key Functional Areas Covered: Oversees the Research and Development progress, researcher teams and divisions. Responsible for bringing and qualifying new projects, new molecule candidates and new technologies to the company’s research pipeline per company’s mandate and directions. 
Over 12 years of biotech research experience in academia and industry. Graduated with double master’s in biotechnology and Mathematics, PhD in molecular biology from Genetika, Russia and Post doc from University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Tyurin has a solid track record of development and implementation of the unique and safe yeast expression platform. He has multiple patents and publications under his belt.
Educational background:
Master’s degree in biotechnology (Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, 2009)
Master’s degree in mathematics (Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, 1999)
PhD in molecular biology (GosNiiGenetika, 2015)

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