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Discover our unique biosynthesis platform

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Traditional high value biomolecule productions heavily rely on chemical synthesis, exploitation of natural resources, inefficient extractions etc.. The drawbacks of these processes include toxic byproducts, hazardous waste, inefficient use of biomass and unsustainable practices.

Market trends strongly indicate that the world is ready to adopt biosynthesis as this type of manufacturing technology matures. We are reaching the tipping point of replacing many industrial molecule production processes with the much cleaner, safer, sustainable and robust biosynthesis.


Our solution aims to improve key aspects of the yeast biosynthesis process simultaneously. The following design concepts highlight our differences.

  • Proprietary, scalable expression system

  • Green production (no inflammable, hazardous reagents)

  • Customized protein expression design

  • Customized strain engineering of the host cell

  • Bench scale proof-of-concept (POC) expression of molecule of interest

  • Pilot scale fermentation (2L, 5L and 10L) of molecule of interest


BioBoost has developed a scalable, green process to produce high value molecules via its proprietary yeast expression system. 

Our proprietary platform includes unique yeast strains, genetic tools, new fermentation processes, and sequence optimization algorithm, catered for each unique molecule, optimized for its expression and production. 

Our R&D aims to provide high value, high profitability products to the market and high ROI for each molecule we make, while reducing negative health and environmental impacts.


A Customized Approach

Starting with gene sequence optimization, Bioboost designs proteins with in-depth structure based codon harmonization in addition to machine and AI based sequence optimization. With our own unique strains and genetic tools, we aim to maximize the protein titer and activity while improving the efficiency and yield of downstream purification. With our patent-pending green, sustainable Pichia fermentation process, we ensure our production is 100% scalable, while being much safer for the people on-site and for the environment.



Our process overcomes major industry hurdles during scale-up. Our approach to molecule expression combines our proprietary expression system with a holistic optimization method. It makes every step of the workflow purposeful.

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